How Our Accountability Group Can Help You Achieve Your Holiday Goals

How Our Accountability Group Can Help You Achieve Your Holiday Goals

Written by Natalie Glennon

From holiday plans to New Year’s resolutions, goal-setting is a quintessential part of the holiday season. Unfortunately, goal-setting often comes with toxic advice and pressure to reach goals that aren’t actually in our best interests! Amid all these holiday expectations, we want to make sure you don’t lose sight of what truly matters to you. That’s why we created our Accountability Group—so you can achieve your goals on your own terms with the support of a like-minded community.

Our Accountability Group is a space where you can regularly reflect on your priorities, connect with our supportive community, and set intentions for the upcoming month. Over the course of a quarter, we meet 3x via Zoom to help you reflect on the past month and think through your goals for the upcoming month.

We believe you deserve goals that align with your unique lifestyle, and we’re here to help you stay on track with a structure that actually works. Let’s break down the key features of our Accountability Group that set us apart from other goal-setting practices:


We provide consistent accountability. 

“Designating time on a monthly basis to not only check-in with my goals, but also to deeply evaluate what was working and wasn't was a game changer. It gave me a deadline to meet the more short-term goals, and accountability to follow-through on them, and figure out how best to move forward. The progress I made in 3 months was already more than I would have made in a year trying to do it on my own. Very grateful for this workshop!” —Q1 2023 Accountability Group Member

As we ebb and flow throughout the year, we expect our goals to change along with us. The process of consistently checking in and adjusting our goals is much more effective than trying to stick with a yearly resolution that may no longer be serving us.

By signing up for our Accountability Group, you commit to meet at the beginning of every month for one quarter out of the year. These monthly intervals provide our members with a timeframe in which they can independently work on their goals until the following month’s meeting. Our members will then evaluate their progress from the previous month, and they are encouraged to adjust their goals as needed.

If the word “accountability” sounds intimidating to you, don’t worry—our monthly check-ins keep our members motivated and on track with their goals, but there’s no punishment for not meeting your goals. We cultivate a shame-and-judgment-free experience for all of our members in order to promote the confidence and momentum they need to succeed.


We foster a supportive community.

“I really enjoyed the Accountability Group Workshop; it was really helpful to have time and guided questions to help me reflect on my current goals. It was also exciting, though, to get to hear other people’s goals and to cheer them on and encourage them!” —Q2 2023 Accountability Group Member

We believe that community support is key to building meaningful progress toward our goals. That’s why we cultivated an uplifting environment where women and non-binary people can share their dreams—big and small—and receive valuable feedback from their own personal cheerleaders.

During each meeting, we dedicate time toward guided discussions in both big and small groups. This ensures that every member has the chance to explore their own goals while connecting with other group members on a deeper level. Whether you’re sharing your ambitions, refining your goals, or celebrating wins, our community members are here to support you every step of the way.


We value structure AND flexibility.

“I'm only one session into the Accountability Group, but I am already grateful for it. It's rare that I sit down monthly to assess my goals and see how I'm progressing (it's usually more of an EOY thing) and I feel like it's more likely that I'll follow through on things this quarter because I'm more aware of what I'm trying to accomplish. I also love Ashley and Michaela's laid back, but directed and clear approach to the sessions. They have the perfect amount of structured and free flowing time built in. Highly recommend!” —Q2 2023 Accountability Group Member

Our Accountability Group is designed to provide the perfect balance between structured reflection and adaptability depending on your personal goals and how they might change over time. Our Wildflower Company Co-Founders utilize journaling prompts taken straight from their Signature Planner as well as their own leadership experience in order to facilitate a thoughtful and effective goal-setting experience. Regardless of what kind of intentions you want to set, Ashley and Micha’s guidance covers all bases and can be applied to a wide variety of goals.

In addition to our Co-Founders’ expertise, our small group discussions allow our members to hone in on the specific details of their goals and map out practical steps that make their dreams truly achievable. Whether you are an ambitious entrepreneur, a busy college student, or a person trying to prioritize self-care, our Accountability Group provides a holistic approach to creating a life you love.

If you want to set meaningful intentions and follow through on your goals this holiday season, we’d love for you to join us on your journey toward a more intentional life. You can secure your spot in our next Accountability Group here! We hope to see you there.

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