1:1 Accountability Coaching

“After working with The Wildflower Company, I feel so much more alignment in my life, and now have a framework for working toward my passions. It’s a true blessing how deeply they care about their clients, and I honestly feel unstoppable after my goal setting session. If you want to become more aligned with your purpose, I can’t recommend Wildflower Co. enough”

- Mike Spector

Accountability Coaching Sessions

Goal Setting & Planning

Feeling stuck? If you’re ready to get back on track with goal setting, this session is perfect for you.  

Session Description:

If you’d like to set meaningful goals, but aren’t sure where to start, this session is perfect for you. You’ll have an opportunity to brain dump everything that you’re considering onto paper, so we can better understand where you’re at. Then, we’ll strategically think through what your goals are and create relevant intentions. Afterwards, we’ll create a game plan for you to effectively accomplish your goals. You’ll walk away with a tangible plan and the enthusiasm to get started!

Checking In & Creating New Habits

Craving a thoughtful check-in of your current lifestyle? If you want to evaluate your habits and build a lifestyle that’s more aligned, this session is perfect for you.

Session Description:

In this coaching session, you’ll have an opportunity to consider how you’re currently spending your time and evaluate if it's in alignment with your goals. Then, you’ll consider what tasks and obligations you want to leave behind as well as what habits and commitments you want to bring into your future. After, you’ll have an opportunity to ideate on what a purposeful life could look like and create realistic intentions to incorporate into your lifestyle. You’ll leave with ideas on how to build a meaningful life for YOU!

Meet Your Coach

Ashley Olafsen (she/her) is an encouraging, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and experienced coach who has supported over 500 clients in reaching their goals.

She’s also the Co-Founder of The Wildflower Company. She’s all about dreaming big… and making sure you have a plan to reach those dreams.

Ashley wants you to create a life that is meaningful for YOU and she’s so excited to help you get there!  

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  • “Working with Ashley is so refreshing…I walk away from every session with her feeling so empowered!”

    — Julia G.

  • “After our goal setting session, I felt a sense of clarity and direction I had never experienced before. Working with Ashley is sure to bring about a ton of inspiration and pragmatic steps on how to turn your best ideas into reality.”

    — Peter C. 

  • "Ashley is hardworking and most importantly she enjoys it, she wants to see you succeed. I am lucky to have Ashley in my circle and always look forward to what we can create together."

    — Angelica S.