Your new favorite monthly practice.

Soul-soothing, fire-igniting, feel-good monthly catch-ups to help you turn your larger-than-life dreams from a vision board to a solid plan.

Why choose Wildflower?

We take a holistic approach to creating an aligned life.

✓ Community-Led Goal Setting

You can set personal goals with a sounding board of like-minded people to help you refine and celebrate everything you want to achieve. 

✓ Intentional Reflection & Journal Prompts

Together with journal prompts and your Wildflower Company planner, your group will reflect on any progress made to help keep you on track as you move forward.

✓ Guided Accountability

From coaching startup founders to energizing young entrepreneurs, our Wildflower team has extensive experience in leading accountability groups, including our own personal ones. With us by your side, you’ll be able to carve a focused path to your goals and break it up into bite-sized pieces so you never feel overwhelmed by your dreams again.

Who You’ll Be Working With

Your online accountability group will be led by the Wildflower team, once a month.

"I'm only one session into the Accountability Group, but I am already grateful for it. It's rare that I sit down monthly to assess my goals and see how I'm progressing (it's usually more of an EOY thing) and I feel like it's more likely that I'll follow through on things this quarter because I'm more aware of what I'm trying to accomplish. I also love Ashley and Michaela's laid back, but directed and clear approach to the sessions. They have the perfect amount of structured and free flowing time built in. Highly recommend!"

- Q2 2023 Accountability Group Member

It’s like a slumber party with your journal.

When you join the Wildflower Accountability Group, you'll have all the community and support you need to feel aligned and excited about your goals while having a group of personal cheerleaders to help you get there.

We can't wait to connect with you and support you on your journey. Grab your spot today.