Group Accountability for the on-the-go dreamer that needs some direction

Soul-soothing, fire-igniting, feel-good monthly catch-ups to help you turn your larger-than-life dreams from a vision board to a solid plan.
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How it works
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Save Your Seat

Sign up and save your seat in our online accountability group. Every cohort will have a dedicated community space to get to know one another.

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Meet 1x A Month

Bring a pen and paper (or your planner!) and meet your group for a monthly touch-base led by our team, full of journal prompts, progress updates, and more.

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Grow + Bloom

Continue meeting and growing every month with your group, track your progress, and feel the joy of living an aligned lifestyle.

Whom You’ll be Working With
Your online accountability group will be led by the Wildflower team, once a month

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Ashley Olafsen
My current goal:
Get in the habit of going to the gym.
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Michaella Estevez
My current goal:
Create a monthly weekly budget and closely track my finances.


How does it work?

Over the course of a quarter, we meet 3x via Zoom to help you reflect on the past month and think through your goals for the upcoming month.

What's the community like?

We believe that community support is key to building meaningful progress toward our goals. That’s why we cultivated an uplifting environment where women and non-binary people can share their dreams—big and small—and receive valuable feedback from their own personal cheerleaders.

Who's a good fit for this?

You're a good fit for Accountability Group if you have goals you wanna work on, and value a supportive, uplifting community who will support you as you build out a life that feels uniquely good to you.

Do I need a Wildflower Company Planner to join?

Nope, you just need a pen and paper, or your preferred method of journaling! We will provide the prompts for you during each session. However, it is helpful and our guided reflection prompts are modeled after our Signature Planner—you can grab one 20% off using code WILDFLOWER20 at checkout!

What kinds of goals would be a good fit for the program?

We set lots of different goals, both big and small! They can range from "I want to run a 5k before the end of the year" or "I want to launch my first business by the end of the quarter," to "I want to drink 3 bottles of water every day" or "I want to meditate for 5 mins each day." Really we're here to help you set goals that feel right and aligned to you, and hold you accountable over the course of the quarter with our monthly check-ins.

How do I learn more?

You can find out more by reaching out to us at!