Our Story

Ashley and Michaella met at UMass Amherst back in 2016

...where they were both students and tour guides. After becoming friends, the duo started an ‘accountability group’ with their besties. This group of friends would meet twice a month to drink wine, catch up, set goals for the month, and share progress on their goals.

They helped one another live more thoughtful, meaningful lives.

They held each other accountable—with a whole lot of love and grace—to stick to their intentions! 

After working a 9-5 together and living as roommates, Ashley and Michaella decided to add another title to their friendship: Co-founders. In March of 2022, the two co-founded The Wildflower Company—inspired by the power of their own accountability group.

They are immensely grateful for the kindness their community has shown them thus far and are so happy to be on this journey together. 

Meet the Team

Ashley Olafsen

Ashley is a Forbes-featured, 3x founder, who knows what it takes to build a successful business. She loves uplifting others and wants you to accomplish your goals and cultivate a life you feel excited about—and that’s why she co-founded The Wildflower Company!

At The Wildflower Company, Ashley handles all things manufacturing, business strategy and community.

Michaella Estevez

Michaella is a marketing pro. She has a passion for creativity, loves meeting new people, and trying new things. She’s so excited to take on this brand new adventure: Co-founding the Wildflower Company!

At The Wildflower Company, Micha handles all things email marketing, social media, and brand strategy.

Dasha Shterenberg

Dasha is a motivated and driven leader, who currently studies at the Isenberg School of Management and uses marketing and graphic design as her creative outlet. She is passionate about supporting and advocating for women in the business industry, and just completed a term as the youngest president of Isenberg's largest student-run organization: Women in Business.

At The Wildflower Company, Dasha helps out with everything from designing the planner to growing our community. 

Inspiration Behind Our Name

Why are we called The Wildflower Company? 

Well, we were greatly inspired by our friend, Hannah Goldstein, who once shared how wildflowers are resilient. As it turns out, wildflowers can grow almost anywhere, but they still need to be nurtured. Sounds a lot like you, huh?

We love the idea of planting seeds—or creating goals—and nurturing them as they grow and ultimately flourish. That’s why The Wildflower Company is on a mission to support you as you grow and strive toward your goals.

Want to be Part of Our Community?

The Wildflower Team–Ashley, Michaella, and Dasha–would be thrilled if you joined our Wildflower Community! This free, online community is a supportive space to set intentions, celebrate wins, and brainstorm ideas for a life that is uniquely meaningful to you.

We can’t wait to meet you – let’s grow and go forward together!

Join our Community!