How to Protect Your Energy and Restore Your Peace

If you've been struggling with burnout, this interactive workshop will help you understand how to better manage your energy.

You'll learn how to calculate your energy, restore your energy, and protect your peace - so you have enough energy to prioritize what matters most! This workshop will be highly engaging, wellness focused, and tangible. 

You'll also do an activity that helps you understand how much energy you give and receive each day. This is important because when we are mindful, aware, and in tune with our energy, we're able to show up fully for ourselves and others.

Meet Your Host

Born and raised in Miami, Florida; Anais Dominguez uses her passion for community, and enthusiasm to help others make self-care a priority. Anais graduated from DePaul University in 2019 with a Bachelors in Science in Neuroscience with a concentration in Cognitive Behavior. She received her certificate in health and wellness coaching from Georgetown University where she connects behavior change and her knowledge of neuroplasticity to help her clients make sustainable changes in their wellness routines. Anais was an active member of an all women's health and wellness organization called CHAARG on her campus where she continued to work for the national team as a Chapter Lead Consultant and a Regional Chapter Lead. She is a full-time content creator where she’s been featured on brands like American Eagle and EOS beauty products. She co-founded Soul & Flow Wellness that brings wellness experiences to help people connect deeper with themselves to connect deeply with others.