Redefining well-being for the besties.

​​The Wildflower Co. is a wellness community centered around value-driven goal-setting and belonging. Through our physical and digital planners and a community guided by accountability, we dare to answer the question: "What happens when you design your dream life with friends by your side?"
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where the wildflowers grow…

Wildflowers are untouched by the boundaries of nature. They are known to grow freely, adapting to the conditions around them, thriving against all odds. So long as they are cared for, they can grow anywhere.

A letter from the founders –

Our story begins in 2016 as college students, tour guides, and best friends. We rallied our friends to meet twice a month, unwind, set goals for the month, and share progress. 

This unintended accountability group grew its own roots over time, grounding us in one another and pushing us towards our goals. 

As the years went on, we added more titles to our friendship – roommates, colleagues – and as we flourished, so did our accountability group. 

Inspired by the strength of our own accountability group and guided by the same tools we have cultivated over the years, we added co-founders to the list. 

Our planners and resources are for anyone who wants to bloom right where they are so they can take gentle, purposeful steps toward a reality that we've dreamed up together.

– Ashley & Micha