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Designing the life you love: How to conduct a life audit

Designing the life you love: How to conduct a life audit

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Workshop led by Kavya Sebastian, CEO + Founder @ Kavya Creative Co.



Being intentional about designing the life you love is crucial to stepping closer to that dream version of yourself. With this life audit workshop, led by Kavya Sebastian, you'll walk away with practical and fun tools to measure your progress and try new things, while creating balance across all the areas of your life.



  • Creating balance in your life: There are so many areas of life to focus on, and sometimes when we focus too much on one area, another goes out of whack. We'll discuss Ayurvedic principles around balance in your mind-body-spirit and look at which categories of our lives are feeling off-center.

  • Vision boarding, manifesting, etc.: There are so many ways to bring change to your life. We'll talk about different tools you can use to set up a foundation of the type of life you want to live.

  • Life audit: I'll walk you through how to conduct a life audit and then we'll spend some time doing it together and sharing future goals.



Kavya Sebastian is the oldest daughter of immigrants, a catcher of joy, and a lover of stories. She works as a content marketing manager at a cannabis marketing agency and has her own business where she works with small businesses owned by women of color.

At her core, she is a lover of creating. Kavya has been published in local literary magazines and worked with over 70 clients. With a strong background in Marketing and over a decade of experience writing both creatively and professionally, Kavya believes that every story matters.

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