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Reflecting on 2023 and Planning for 2024

Reflecting on 2023 and Planning for 2024

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December 28th from 7 to 8:30 pm ET

Workshop led by Ashley Olafsen, The Wildflower Company Co-Founder (@ashleyolafsen) 


We believe that cultivating an intentional life starts with a vision and ends with a plan. That’s why in this highly interactive workshop led by Wildflower Co-Founder Ashley Olafsen, you’ll have an opportunity to dream up a vision for yourself that feels exciting & aligned. Once you have a clear idea of how you want to spend the new year, we’ll talk through strategies for bringing your vision to life. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a gameplan for a year that energizes and fulfills you. You’ll also have the space to meaningfully reflect on the highs & lows of 2023. Join us for journaling, some good conversation & a space to end the year on a good note! 


  • ReflectionYou’ll have the space to dream about what it would look like to live thoughtfully in different areas of your life. 
  • Understanding: You’ll think through what drains you vs. what energizes you, so you can understand what to incorporate more or less of into your lifestyle.
  • Planning: You’ll strategize concrete ways you can live thoughtfully in each of the ways that matter to you throughout 2024!


Ashley Olafsen is a TEDx speaker and Forbes-featured 4x founder who is passionate about uplifting others and living a mindful life.

She became an entrepreneur at the age of 16, when she gave an empowerment workshop to a group of eighth grade girls. After realizing her passion for helping others, Ashley co-founded MOVE, where she directed over 100 workshops and 6 summer programs for teenage girls, focusing on self-esteem, body image, leadership, and more. Ashley ran MOVE for 8 years and is unbelievably proud of the impact her and her team made in the lives of young women. 

Today, she is the Co-Founder of The Wildflower Company. 

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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Feeney
A little confused

I was excited to recieve my 2024 planner. I wantedto jump right in. But, i was a little confused there weren't any dates. Im afraid i wont stay on track because i have to write out every date. Ill figure it out.

Tommy Mobley
A Game-Changer for my job, personal goals, and mental health

The Wildflower Planner is truly the best planner I've ever used! It has not only revolutionized the way I manage work to-do's but has been a source for personal growth and stress management.

The adaptability of the Wildflower Planner is the best part. Unlike other planners I've used, the Wildflower Company planner allows me to easily keep track of my professional to-do's and personal goals on the same page. Being able to manage my work and personal life in one place has been a game-changer for my ability to reach goals, improve my mental health, and lower stress levels. I love how the planner provides me with stucture, but also enough freedom so I can make the planner my own. It's so much for flexible and holisitic than other planners I've used. Kudos to the Wildflower Company team for designing such a well-rounded planner!