Reach your goals intentionally

    Monthly group check-ins to keep you on track as you build a path toward the life of your dreams without ever feeling alone

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    Grow your support system

    The only casual networking space you need to build momentum toward your goals and nurture genuine relationships centered around your values

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We’re more than just a planner company.

We believe that how you do the small things is how you do the big things. Whether it’s taking time to schedule a doctor’s appointment or booking a one-on-one with your manager to ask for a raise, we want you to do all things with love. 

That’s why we’re proud of the mindfulness planners, resources, and community we’ve built by pouring our whole selves into it – just for you.


Invest in your tomorrow.

Explore our featured community resources including blog posts, workshops, and podcast episodes.

  • How to Conduct a Life Audit

    Learn how to conduct a life audit by reflecting on your values and goals, assessing your current reality, comparing the two, creating a plan, and using a template to track your progress. 

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  • Using Journaling To Set & Track Your Goals

    Learn you tips on how to check in with your own goals and ensure that you develop the habits and skills you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year, month, or even the week.

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  • Embracing a 'Fun & Games' Mentality & Other Mindset Shifts

    Join us as we talk about our favorite mindset shifts, how we've incorporated creativity into our adult lives, and all things balance, ft. Radha Dalal.

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