Why’s it called The Wildflower Company?

Well, wildflowers are resilient. They can grow almost anywhere but they need to be nurtured, just like you!

So, when you purchase your Wildflower Company planner, you’ll also receive wildflowers to plant. When you create your goals, you can also plant some seeds and nurture them as they grow and flourish—just like you.

Ready to grow and go forward together?

  • Workshops & Our Community

    Great news! We’re also hosting monthly workshops including topics like intention setting based on the new moon cycle, career check-ins, how to cultivate balance and self-care, guided meditations, and so much more. You’ll also have access to our online community, who will keep you aligned with your goals and ensure you live thoughtfully—it takes a village!

  • The Planner

    Our planner includes all of the typical essentials you’d expect to see in a planner–a year at a glance, a daily planner, to-do lists, quarterly reviews, you know the deal. PLUS, it includes exercises to reflect and outline your personal path to living thoughtfully. We’ll ask you how you want to live your life and teach you how to actually follow-through on your plans. We are reimagining what a planner can look like and building out something extraordinary. 

  • 1:1 Check-Ins

    Finally, we’re offering 1:1 accountability check-ins. We believe in dreaming big and making those dreams become reality through intentionality and planning. The WildFlower guides will work directly with you to help keep you accountable and accomplish a thoughtful life.